Friday, January 26, 2007

Out of Yarn!

No, not really... I am just running out of yarn for a project that I am nearly finished with and is"due" in mid-February. Unfortunately, I bought it all the way up in Woodstock, VT when I was there on business. I will have to break the yarn diet and call the Whippletree Yarn Shop and have them send me some (I am so hoping they have the same dye lot). Although, according to rule 2c, this is not actually breaking the diet.

I saw a thread on Knitter's Review regarding how people are doing with their yarn diets so far (sorry I don't feel like looking for the link now). It was a four page thread! I guess a lot of people are doing this and most having less luck with it than me, surprisingly. I thought I had so little will power, but I guess I am gaining it back because the diets (yes, plural) are both going pretty well.

Speaking of diets, this article from CNN is interesting. I may go further into this topic in a few months... we'll see how things go.

Also, did anyone else know that Anthem by Ayn Rand is now in the public domain?!?!? I had no idea. I mentioned this book only a couple posts ago. It is by far one of my all time favorites. I always knew there were free books online in full text because their copyright was out of date, but because it takes so many years, I didn't realize Anthem was available already (legal only in the US). You can find it here. I hope everyone reads this one and now that it's online, you don't have to remember to go out and buy a copy.

I hope to get up some pictures and more knitting content this weekend. Bear with me, there are very big changes going on at work and I have been working 11-12 hour days since before Christmas. I am knitting, just no time/energy to take pictures and post about it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Ayn Rand link.

I didn't sign up for the yarn diet 'cause I knew I would blow it & January isn't over & of course I already have, LOL!