Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay, so I am having a complete lack of motivation on posting, especially with pictures, but I wanted to save this recipe for Pad Thai, found via Not Martha.

Also on my list of things to post when I get a chance:
-fortune telling book
-new knitting book purchases
-rowan magazine 41
-a fellow blogger's blanket
-a sewn pouch
-mini sock kit
-several FOs
-current knits
-radical lace & subversive knitting exhibition

So, when my lack of motivation passes, I will get to some or all of these. Until then, happy knitting!

PS: My lack of motivation does not hinder my blog reading, only writing.


del said...

Don't worry, I get it. Sometimes a break is needed!

cristina said...

i know how it is!! everyone needs a break....no worries! we'll be here when you come back:)