Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family & Friends

I have gone back to my hometown a couple times in the last month (which is more than usual for me since it's a couple hours away). The first was Easter weekend. My best friend, Renee, who was only a few months pregnant when she last visited me, was due on April 7th. She was early and by the time I got home that weekend, Anthony Joseph was 4 days old. He was sooo tiny and barely woke up in the couple hours I was holding him. This is a picture that either Renee or her husband took on Easter Day.

This past weekend was my brother's 40th birthday party. There was good food and good company, including family and my brother's friends. The cake was printed with a picture of my brother from when he was 14 years old.

This is my brother and his amazing kids, John and Jake.

This past weekend was also a continuation of my mother's knitting lessons. I have been teaching her on and off since August. We went to Saratoga Needle Arts where she bought a couple skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas 100% alpaca yarn to do a simple scarf. Although I tried to convince her that she is ready for a simple sweater, she wasn't havin' it. She swears she can only knit something "flat". So, we chose a simple "mistake-rib" pattern and she is well on her way.

I am only on my 9th "point" of the secret project, even though I vowed to have the edging done by the end of April (which requires a total of 20 points). If I get moving on it, I can definately finish in the next week or so... I have just been procrastinating a lot, as well as starting to work long hours again.

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