Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vogue & Sensual Knits

I can't wait for Yahaira's Sensual Knits to come out. This book looks so promising as one I will definitely need for my collection. Just look at that cover! There is a good description from the publisher here. I am also sort of looking forward to this one, which will probably have skimpier knits than Sensual Knits, but which I hope doesn't end up like this one, which might be useful to me if I was 10 years younger and a size 2. I am hoping here for a couple of sexy while still being classy, adult pattern books that are not raunchy, cheesy, or only for the skinny models that reside between the pages.

I have also been reading The Best of Vogue Knitting lately. I don't actually own this book and I probably won't buy it (since I already have an abundance of knitting books). But, one of my favorite pasttimes is going to B&N (often) to relax with a hot chai and a knitting book. It seems that since this book came out I have read a few articles each time I see it. It is a collection of the best articles of Vogue Knitting from the past 25 years. Note that I said
articles- there are no patterns here (well maybe an EZ pattern here and there that is described instead of written in knitting abbreviations). This book is great because it has articles on techniques (both well- and little-known), famous (and not as famous) knitters (men and women), articles on design, and much much more. I love the articles on Fair Isle and Bohus knitting. The great thing is no article is more than 2 single-side pages long! So, you get quick snippets of reads with a lot of information in them, and all written by great knitters!

Okay, so I broke down (again) and bought some yarn... I know, I know... but it was a great deal for some great alpaca laceweight! I got it on Destash, which I have been stalking (mainly out of boredom) despite the yarn diet. I have actually refrained from most of the great deals (or just plain beautiful yarn) that I have seen. This yarn is plied with 2 slightly different shades of the same hue to give it a lot of visual interest. The origin is an alpaca farm somewhere in Ontario. The yarn is sooo soft, and I probably have enough yarn here for 3 shawls!


Veronique said...

I can't wait for Sensual Knits to come out too! I know what some of the other designers have made, but not all, so it will be a surprise...

del said...

That yarn is scrumptious. I can see how it would be too hard to resist.