Saturday, June 16, 2007

Perfect Socks?

Note to self- check out Brenda's formula for the perfect sock:

Finally, after years of searching, I have found it: This toe + this heel + calf shaping (easily achieved by switching needle sizes) - stupid unnecessary ribbing + incredible I-cord Bind Off = The Perfect Sock.

Also, clean grandma's lace using Martha's instructions.


del said...

I know, once you find the perfect sock pattern, you tend to stick with it. i-cord bind off, hmm?

cristina said...

it really isnt easy to find the perfect socks, is it? thanks for the martha link....thats a good one!

cristina said...

i think that photo of you w/ lily was the first time i've ever seen you before. funny how we picture people to look different then they actually do....i always pictured you to be asian for some reason...hee so strange.