Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer 2007 Knitty

My favorite patterns from the new issue of Knitty:

Unmentionables - this pattern reminds me of Witches Britches from Knit 2 Together
Coupling - I love the stitch pattern on these socks
Wisp - for some reason I love the way this looks and it seems so simple, plus I have this yarn in my stash (surprise, surprise)
Grrr - this is an adorable washcloth- looks like it'd be great for kids

In non-knitting news, I am trying out the beta version of the Safari browser and so far I am loving it!

1 comment:

del said...

I think the unmentionables is so cute, but would I wear it? I agree about Grrrr; it'd make a great gift.