Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going on a Trip

I have to go to San Francisco on business next week. I have training for 2 days and then am staying for the rest of the weekend on my own. So, my question is (for the very few who might actually still be reading since I have been neglecting my blog), what are the places I can't miss... yarn stores or otherwise. I have never even been to California, so I don't know anything about the area. If anyone has ideas, leave me a comment.

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Veronique said...

You MUST go to Artfibers. They have their own line of yarn that you will not see anywhere else. I've heard others rave about Imagiknit, which is a lovely store, but it stocks the usual types of yarn (Rowan, Koigu etc). It would be good for souvenir yarn though! If you have $ left over after Artfibers that is ;)