Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay, so I am having a complete lack of motivation on posting, especially with pictures, but I wanted to save this recipe for Pad Thai, found via Not Martha.

Also on my list of things to post when I get a chance:
-fortune telling book
-new knitting book purchases
-rowan magazine 41
-a fellow blogger's blanket
-a sewn pouch
-mini sock kit
-several FOs
-current knits
-radical lace & subversive knitting exhibition

So, when my lack of motivation passes, I will get to some or all of these. Until then, happy knitting!

PS: My lack of motivation does not hinder my blog reading, only writing.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


... to my little sister who just got engaged this weekend.

Moving Right Along

...on Clapotis.

Now that the snuggly is finished (pictures coming soon), I had some time to work on Clapotis. I just finished the 1st repeat in the straight portion. One stitch has been dropped so far.

I have been catching up on the Cast-On podcast in the last couple of weeks and enjoying it immensely. I have had some tedious things to do lately at work as a large project is coming to a close (at least for me, at least for now). Cast-On has made the work go much quicker.

I am debating about joining the Secret Pal 10 exchange. It might be my excuse to purchase some new yarn since it will be for someone else. The only reason I am hesitant, is I am worried about the time it takes. I guess I probably shouldn't be worried about this since even if things don't end up slowing down at work, as I suspect they are starting to, I have my weekends mostly free anyway. Any thoughts on this? What have your experiences been with these swaps?

I have also finished two (yes, 2!) books recently. The first, The Namesake, was a book I have had in the bookshelf with the intent of reading it, for a longtime. Then, when I heard the movie was coming out, I knew I had to get going. I had already read Lahiri's first [pulitzer prize-winning] book Interpreter of Maladies and I love her writing style. Anyway, I love The Namesake, possibly more than Interpreter of Maladies, and I highly recommend it.

The second book, which I just finished this morning is The Bird is a Raven by Benjamin Lebert. This is a short German book, translated to English. The entire book is set on a train and is the conversation between two young men. I found this book at the Montclair Book Center while just browsing. The book isn't a favorite, but it was pretty good and worth reading, especially given its length (only 110 pages with large type and large margins). The ending was very unexpected and just makes the book.

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