Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cute Embroidery

Take a look at these absolutely adorable embroidered ornaments!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sensual Knits

Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira wasn't supposed to come out until January 2008. But I found it at B&N (Paramus, NJ) tonight. I was so excited to see it. (Sensual Crochet was also out, and while I liked looking through it, I knew I couldn't buy two books in one night).
Anyway, I love Sensual Knits (subtitled: Luxurious Yarns Alluring Designs). There are so many patterns in this book that I would knit, and even more that I would knit if I was a little smaller. That is not to say they don't come in my size. I think all but one pattern is calculated for at least my size. But some patterns would just look better on someone less "hippy" (the knit dresses, for example).
The book is broken into five sections after the introduction: Barely There, Sensual Chic, Wrapped in Luxury, Feminine Mystique, and Magic is in the Details. In Barely There, the first three patterns are my favorites, all camisoles. My one complaint (of probably the whole book) is that there are not enough pictures of the backs of the knits. This is especially a problem for the Demeter Camisole since the description reads, "... the low scooped back screams 'siren'". I am already thinking of The Loopy Ewe for much of this section.
The sweaters in the Sensual Chic section of the book are all really nice, but I think my favorites are the Transparency Sweater designed by Veronique Haegeli and the Ramona Sweater by Jared Flood. I think Sheri will need to add Silk Cloud to her Shibui Knits line that she carries... I'll have to ask her about that. The Multiplicity Sweater reminds me a lot of an Express Sweater that I bought a couple years ago - long tunic length basic turtleneck with buttons up the side. Modalura's version has a much more interesting neckline though.

The cardigans and jackets in the next section are beautiful. I pretty much like all of them and love a couple of them, including the cover pattern. The fourth section is all dresses: beautiful, but unlikely I'll knit any of them anytime soon.

The final section includes all the accessories. By far my favorite in this section are the Lily-of-the-Valley Opera Gloves. Gor-GEOUS! and made with Habu!

Overall, I love this book... did I say that already? Well I'll say it again. I love it. The patterns, the writing, and especially the photos. Very well lit and beautiful.

Another tiny favorite is
Yahaira's dedication in the beginning: "For the 'pure knitters' who make every day surrounded by yarn seem sane"... she knows us well.