Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Update

This year has been pretty hectic, hence the complete lack of regular posts on my blog. I assure you, my very few regular readers, that if you are still reading my blog, it is not going away. I hope to post more often like I used to, but I don't know exactly when I will be able to start doing that. Much of my time this year has been taken up by actually working, and when not doing that, stressing about work. I am still knitting, although not as often as I'd like. Raveling more than I'd like (it's addicting!). And reading more than last year. In addition, I have been abnormally addicted to Family Guy, specifically Stewie. I also had to get a new car this year for unexpected reasons (I was due for a new one soon anyway though).

The sad news for the year is that mom's cat, Debbie, who I posted about a year ago, died a few months back. She was really old, but always looked like a kitty because of her face and fluffy fur. She is greatly missed.

I joined a new knitting group, to supplement not replace, my first one. Unfortunately, the knitting group I originally joined does not meet as often as I'd like because of other commitments in their lives. Occasionally when we meet up, it is not to knit, but to hang out. But knitting time or not, they are great people to hang out with when the occasion arises. My new knitting group is actually one that meets at an LYS. I never thought I'd do that, but I've found that the large (very large) group that meets at Stix N Stitches in Montclair (NJ) is a wonderful group of regulars and some occasional new people. There are even a couple of people there that I feel comfortable and friendly with, including Monica (who I got the idea for the below FO/UFO lists from).

Other news is that last year's yarn diet resolutions did not work so well. While I successfully "dieted" for about 3 months earlier in the year, I ended up spending more overall for the year. So, I have a new plan for this year, which will include a specific monthly yarn budget carefully tracked in a log which will sit right in front of me on my desk. If I am even close to successful with this plan, I will spend half as much in '08 as I did in '07. On the plus side, I became a Loopy Groupie in '07!

I am hoping to update my 2007 knit gallery sometime soon. I have been putting this off, hoping that Ravelry (many-a-knitter's newest addiction this year since it opened last spring) would be open to the public soon. When Ravelry is open, I will likely just link to my projects within it, so I don't have to double post onto my own site. It looks like Ravelry will stay in beta for a while though.

A few lists for you:

Finished Objects in 2007 (in no particular order)
  • Calorimery in Crystal Palace Fjord
  • 2x2 Fingerless Mitts, also in Fjord
  • Fuzzy Feet in Brown Sheep Worsted
  • Snowflake Stocking #2 in Mnos del Uruguay
  • Humbug Bag in Garne-Studio Silke-Tweede
  • Baby Soft Cardigan with Hippo Buttons in Patons Shetland Chunky
  • Hourglass Sweater in Noro Cash Iroha
  • Ball Band Dishcloth in Sugar n Cream
  • Booga Bag in Noro Kureyon
  • Big Hat in Rowan Big Wool (crochet)
  • Scoop Neck Tank in Rowan Calmer
  • Clapotis in Autumn House Farms
  • Wild Stripes in KnitPicks Merino Style
  • Outdoor Snuggle in Rowan Wool Cotton
Unfinished Objects for 2007
  • Wrapped in Tradition
  • Secret Project
  • KnitKnot Wrap
  • Crochet Ripple Blanket
  • Ribbed Lace Sweater
  • Diamond Lace Scarf
  • Anastasia Socks
  • Silk Lace Top
Knitting-Related Goals for 2008
  • Make or finish at least 3 sweaters (since I am in serious sweater-making mode) with these as possibilities:
  1. Ribbed Lace Sweater
  2. Forecast
  3. Dark Victory
  4. Jawbreaker Cardigan
  5. Aran Vest
  • Design 1 sweater, which I won't even try to start until after my sister's wedding in February
Other Goals/Goings On for 2008
  • Get a new apartment
  • Figure out the work situation
  • Alaine's Wedding, February 29th
  • Las Vegas trip with friends, January 11th-14th