Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lace Wedding Garter

My sister got married this past weekend (on Leap Day!) in Stowe, VT. I hope to have pictures from the wedding posted soon, but for now, I thought I'd share a pattern for one of the gifts I gave her. It is a heavily modified version of Diane Willett's Knitted Lace Wedding Garter. Basically, it is thinner and with room for only one ribbon. In addition, there are no lace yarn overs at the edges, just very simple increasing and decreasing. I also simplified the finishing process. Originally, I began Willett's pattern as written, and I struggled with it because of my lack of lace needles (read: pointy) in the correct size. In addition, I wanted something simpler because it was getting close to the wedding date.

Lace Wedding Garter

Yarn: Gloriana Silk (12 strand) using 4 strands at a time
Needle: US 1
Notions: Thin ribbon, sewing thread & needle, small fabric flowers or ribbon, elastic (about 1/4" wide)
Abbreviations: Kf&b = Knit in front and back of the stitch
YO = yarn over
SSK = slip, slip, knit
K2tog = knit 2 sts together

Row 1: K1, Kf&B, K2, Kf&b, K1 (8 sts)
Row 2: Purl across
Row 3: K4, YO, YO, K4 (10 sts)
Row 4: P4, K1, P1, P4
Row 5: K1, SSK, K4, K2tog, K1 (8 sts)
Row 6: Purl across
Row 7: K1, SSK, K2, K2tog, K1 (6 sts)
Row 8: Purl across

CO 6 sts.
Repeat 8 lace rows to desired length (approx. circumference of thigh).
BO loosely.

Weave in ends.
Wash and pin out to block.
Sew ends together on WS.
Weave ribbon through eyelets. Sew ribbon together on WS.
Cut elastic to approx. 3/4 length of garter. Weave elastic through eyelets behind ribbon. Sew together on WS.
Sew bow or flowers to front of garter to cover any visible seams.


del said...

I've always wanted a garter pattern for the next bride I know. Thanks! It's so beautiful.

Lauren said...

You really ought to put this pattern on Ravelry! It's fantastic and I think I'm going to make one for the "tossing" garter at my wedding. :)