Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring 2008 Knitty

The new Knitty is out and I just wanted to make a few notes, more for my own memory than for anyone else's purposes. This is a good issue with several patterns that I could see myself making and at least one I may start on semi-immediately.

Nob Hill is a cute bulky shrug made with Art Fibers yarn. The author notes that it is the same colorway, but two different dye lots that are so drastically different that it looks like she purposely chose a different color for the neck and sleeves. It looks great on the thin model and may not look as great on me, but as she mentions, is a great piece for layering in the changing weather.

Marjorie is a pretty, basic sweater with some nice styling and shaping.

Talia is a very interesting cardigan-vest that I may try to knit up soon. It uses a relatively inexpensive yarn (Lamb's Pride Worsted) and has great shape and details.

Yosemite is a lightweight, cap sleeve sweater with a cable rib design. It has a very nice fitted, sleek look.

Honeycomb is another vest. It's pretty basic with a simple stitch, but the shaping is nice and for some reason I am into vests lately. I never actually wear vests. I used to hate them when I was a kid when those Express (non-knit) buttoned vests were in style. But now, all the cute knit vests look like simple, quick knits. I actually have one that has a fake shirt underneath (I love Macy's INC brand), but none that I have knit myself. So, while this one is not particularly unique (unlike Talia, above), it's cute and is worth a nod.

I love the
Spirogyra mitts for some reason. I feel like this is a near-exact same pattern as a famous sock pattern that everyone knits, but they look really nice in the author's handspun yarn.

Jenna Wilson has also written an article on creating/calculating more sizes than the one you designed so that you can publish a multi-size pattern. Note to self: remember to read this.


Calling on Kahlo said...

I always love a new knitty. I have not had time to read everything but the article sounds good.

del said...

Thanks for your insight on this issue. I didn't know it was finally out--off to see...