Monday, June 02, 2008


In my last post, I mentioned some new things happening in my life. I left NJ for a new job in the Atlanta area. So far, other than moving away from my family and friends, I love it here.

Since I got here, the weather's been beautiful, and based on what people tell me, it's always beautiful. We have these thunderstorms that are crazy, with thunder like bombs dropping and lightning that completely lights up the sky. They don't last long though and then we are back to beautiful weather.

I love my new place. I finally have space and I even have one entire room (dining room) that is completely empty. Even my living room was almost empty until I got a couch this past weekend. I have a kitchen with lots of counter space, so I may try to get back to cooking (which I hated doing in my tiny NJ apartment). My patio with a little potted herb garden will also help with that. My craft room upstairs is so cute, mostly outfitted with Ikea tabletops and a chair. I also love my little shelves of yarn (which I got from HomeGoods!) all arranged in color order.

my little part of the world

semi-finished craft room

just small portion of my stash

All the neighborhoods (which they call subdivisions around here) are gated communities around this area. This concept is very foreign to me, outside of wildly expensive places that the average person can't afford. Here, this is the norm (at least in the metro suburbs). We have tons of little things that make it great like nature trails, fitness center, pools (yes, plural), beach volleyball, and tons more. A lot of things are within walking distance, both inside and outside the neighborhood, like a brand new library!

pond with geese in my neighborhood

Another new thing in my life is my new kitty. Her name is Honey and she's a two year old calico. The funny thing is that she looks very much like Auntie Em, my first cat when I was a teenager.


My new job is good so far. I am still working in the color science field, but in a completely different industry. My job uses some of my skills from all seven years of college (which my previous job really didn't). The days here are longer, so when I get out of work, usually around 4:30, there is still a whole day ahead of me!

I haven't seen a whole lot of Atlanta yet. Most of Atlanta looks like the suburbs to me, but I guess I am used to seeing cities laid out more like NYC, Chicago, etc. So far, I've been to Ikea in Atlantic Station about 7 times since I've been here. Last weekend I went to the World of Coca-Cola, which is pretty fun with all their vintage ads and a 3D movie, as well as all the Coke products from around the world that you can drink. Across the street is a "food lounge" called Luckie that I happened to stop into because I was starving, and I realized very quickly it would be a cool place to take friends from out of town if we wanted a night out. They have great food, both sushi and "american", huge fish tanks, LED lighting, a dance floor, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Knitting seems to be a pretty big thing around here. It doesn't rival the knitting scene around NYC, but it probably rivals that of most of the other big cities in the country. There are lots of yarn shops in and around Atlanta. So far I've been to four of them: Only Ewe and Cotton Too is in the town I live in and it's a cute little place with a nice atmosphere, Cast-On Cottage is in the adorable little town of Roswell and has a huge selection (there's also a great Thai restaurant called Rice down the street!), and Why Knot Knit is the most recent shop I've gone to because I heard they were having a going out of business sale. Finally, Knitch is the furthest from me of those I've been to. It's in the Virginia-Highlands area of Atlanta, which is a cute little neighborhood. It has both the atmosphere and the selection. They don't seem to ever have sales though, which is disappointing. Whenever my LYS in NJ was having a good store-wide sale, I would buy a sweater's worth of yarn. They offered me coffee and asked if they could help me both times I was there. There seem to always be people sitting around the farm table knitting and drinking from the pitcher that's always being tended to.

For a few months before I moved here, I got to see my closest friend, Renee, and her family more often than usual, which was awesome, and I am sorry it had to end so soon. It was so nice being around friends, new and old, and family for a while. Renee's son, Anthony, has been the recipient of several of my knits over the last year. I gave Renee the Wild Stripes Blanket at her baby shower and I finally got some pictures of him using it:

wild stripes in action

isn't he the coolest kid?

I've been updating my Ravelry account, including adding my new stash (from my Atlanta yarn shop trips), and updating some of my projects. I still haven't sewn on the buttons or blocked Forecast and I'm half done with the Tomato, so those are the projects in the forefront, as well as the Classy Slip-Up Socks that I've been working on at my knitting group. I am really hoping to get back to one of the lace sweater projects that I started ages ago after those are done.

Well, that's my update in a nutshell. Now that I have real internet access for the first time in over five years, I hope to update my blog a little more often.


Renee said...

I love your update! and we made the blog :-) yeah!! great pics of Anthony, I agree he is the coolest kid! LOL! Sounds great there, your place looks wonderful, Jason and I are jealous. You may have new neighbors before long if the house hunt doesn't go well here ;-)
Love, Renee'

Renee said...

Oh yeah, and Honey is completely adorable! (and i do not think cats are adorable) :-)


Veronique said...

Wow, what big changes! It looks like you'll be happy in your new home :)

del said...

Ah, I was just in Atlanta! And we went to the Aquarium, right next to the World of Coca-Cola. You're right, the weather is absolutely beautiful. The DH & I were kicking around the idea of moving there, but we'll have to see.

Lynn said...

Congrats on the big move!

Jenn in GA said...

i like all the LIGHT in your craft room. the only thing you'll need to keep in mind with it is that light FADES paper. keep the cards you made in their envelopes or in a drawer, and other paper that i'm sure you'll end up NEEDING soon (!) out of the natural light pattern. cool space though...

Nicole said...

It was so great to meet you, Ellen! I hope you keep coming to our Wednesday Knit Nights. You are absolutely lovely. Hope to see you soon! xo