Thursday, July 31, 2008


I finally took the plunge and learned to spin from Katey. My first yarn was Blue Faced Leicester wool in the Klee colorway by Chameleon Colorworks. I spun this on a Louet S10 that I am renting from Only Ewe.

Pretty bad, huh?

Next, I finally got to spin up some wool I had bought (for the purpose of spinning on my drop spindle) at least a year ago at a fiber festival. This one came out just a little bit better.

I bought more Chameleon Colorworks fiber in Flamingo Sunrise. This was a merino tencel blend and I really like this one. It came out really nice with great colors, and shiny from the tencel, but I only have about 30 yards.

I couldn't resist a "trip" over to The Loopy Ewe, since I knew Sheri now carries roving. This is 8oz. Creatively Dyed SeaWool (70% wool, 30% seacell) in the Ocean colorway.

Here's Sakina Alpaca in the Mango colorway. I love this mixture of colors. It looks so interesting and I can't wait to see how it spins up.

Currently I am spinning a wool/llama blend that a bought a huge bag of close to two years ago at a fiber festival with the very optimistic idea that I'd drop spindle it.... riiiggghhht...
And now for some knitting:

Presto Chango Baby Sweater
Made for: Carrie's baby shower
Yarn: a little over 1 skein of Cascade Sierra cotton yarn
Buttons: sheep!
Notes: Great pattern but I wish I'd done my seaming better. More details in Ravelry.

Water Bottle Holder
Yarn: 1 skein Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy
Needles: US 3 douple points
Notes: I made the strap somewhat shorter than the pattern called for because I am short. I love this yarn and would like to make a summer top out of it.


Phyl said...

You weren't the only one buying fiber before learning how to spin. I think the concept is very practical. Now you don't have to run right out and BUY fiber. Oh.....but you did.....
and it's SOOOO pretty.

Adorable sweater, and those buttons.

And now I want to make that water bottle holder after seeing yours all finished. Looks very nice.

anunmaker said...

I love the roving!!! and the baby sweater...i must have that pattern...

you are doing a great job with the spinning, can't wait to see how the new roving turns out.