Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book Review: Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

When I bought the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book a couple years ago, I was buying it more for the witty read than the patterns (although there are a few I liked and even knitted). I just picked up their new one: Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines today. Let me first preface this by saying, I haven't read it yet. However, I've looked through it about three times already and I love the patterns in this one! And, from the little bits I did read, I fully expect to thoroughly enjoy reading it too.

First, the Metropole Coat is already calling my name. It's a classic-look linen stitch coat made of Lamb's Pride Bulky (about 11 skeins for the size I need... a coat needs some room).

There's also some amazing cabled socks, with the pattern disguising the teaching of seven different cable patterns!

The chapter on fair isle is overall awesome and I already want to make the Kiki Mariko rug. Yes, a "fair isle" rug. The Liberty throw is also gorgeous. Basically, both are knit in long tubes and then steeked.

The boy's sweater is super-cute but the smallest size is a 4. I may have to size this down to a 2, because I even have the yarn for this already! The Fern little girl's jacket is just precious... now I just need a little girl to knit for!

There are many other great patterns in this book, including Toto the Extremely Useful and Cute Potholder. This one's definitely on my list.

In short, I am very excited to see how great this book is. I expected it to be another great read with only a few patterns of interest to me. I am glad to say I was wrong! There are three more shops in the Atlanta shop hop to hit this weekend, and now there are several more things I will be adding to my forever growing list.

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katey said...

Hi. You remember Jilly Bean right?

Little girl.

You can knit for her, if you want.