Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

I haven't posted in exactly 2 months as of today. Since SAFF, things have been a little hectic.

I have been knitting like crazy for Christmas gifts, pretty much since early fall but even more so in the last couple months. I'll post about what exactly I made in another post.

My hard drive crashed and I realized I hadn't been backing up nearly as often as I thought I had. So, I am rebuilding my pictures and files on my new computer (and yes, I now own an external hard drive to make backups easier).

Work has been a little busier with everyone working pretty heavily on different aspects of one project. It's still great to be in a place where most people actually like each other and normal work stuff is the worst that happens.

Thanksgiving was pretty cool. My friend Jennifer and I stayed here in Atlanta and made french toast and mimosas for breakfast, ate Thai food for dinner, and watched movies and knit all day. Our friend Katey joined us later in the evening.

As for Christmas, I went home to the northeast for a few days and saw only a fraction of the people I wanted to. I did get to see my family and a few friends though.

Dad in a rare pose: he's actually smiling!
[wearing noro striped scarf]

my nephews John and Jake in their new hats
[ring of fire & we call them pirates]

Grandma holding the ridiculously-sized box of Whitman's mom got her

Anthony playing with his new tool bench

sherwood sweater that I knit for Anthony
[details raveled here]

old friends catching up

the cool wooden reindeer I got from Pier1

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