Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stitches South Highlights

This past weekend was gorgeous here in Georgia... but I spent almost all of it inside at Stitches South. It was worth missing the sunny 90 degree days because of all the friends I had around me...

Amy & Laurie

Doug, Lou, and Sherrie

Wayne & Brittany (the Knit Witch)

my new friend Clara

Laurie, Sherrie, & Amy

Phyllis, Katey, & the Sanguine Gryphon

Brittany's family, our hosts at Scalini's

my new friend Fatimah

Sherrie, Katey, & Amy

Oh, and I did actually get some yarn too... mostly knit witch, miss babs, and some jaggerspun zephyr laceweight with a pattern for a gorgeous lace shawl.

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