Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sherwood in Action

Remember the Sherwood sweater? Here is is in action:

Jason & Anthony doing their morning reading

An Evening with Friends

Good friends, good food, good wine, good cupcakes, good kitty... what else could a group of knitters ask for???

Amy in her handknit top

Jennifer & Nicole giggling

Katey knitting


Sherrie & Prue


Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Goals

My knitting and life goals for 2008, which I first mentioned here were mostly successful. I fulfilled my 2008 life goals by April, hence the update in May. In short, I "got a new apartment" and "figured out my work situation". To put it another way, I quit my job in NJ, moved to Atlanta for a new job where I have a cute little townhouse (and by little, I mean about 3-4 times larger than my tiny place in NJ).

As for knitting, my plan was to knit at least 3 sweaters in 2008. I ended up knitting 3 adult sweaters and 1 child's sweater. A few of these were mentioned in my last couple posts. The only goal I did not meet this year was to design a sweater, which is understandable given the extremely hectic year and upheaval of my life.

So, my goals for 2009 are:
  • to finally design a sweater
  • to knit a fair isle sweater with steeking
  • to lose at least 20 pounds
  • to be further along financially than I currently am

2008 Knits in Review

This year I knit (or crocheted) 50 different projects! Many of these were small, so I won't bother covering all of them (all can be seen in Ravelry), but here's some of the highlights that weren't mentioned in the last couple posts:

wrapped in tradition for Alaine's wedding

lace cardigan for mother's day

forecast sweater for me

wine -n- roses mitts for Becky's birthday

various koolhaas hats for various people