Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

Ok, not really. I did have to go to work today. This was the scene here yesterday though...

None of this stuck though. It was all gone by nightfall. Why then, were almost all schools in the area closed today? Why were the roads empty during rush hour (morning and late afternoon)? Why did a lot of people not come to work? I don't know, I guess just because we are in Georgia. Apparently, this little "snowstorm" is the worst we've had since the '93 "blizzard" (culminating in a whole 4-5 inches back then). I was asked by several people if I went to buy bread - yes, bread. Meanwhile, the empty road this morning on the way to work was completely dry and barely any snow blanketed the grass. Now, granted, there were some places like Athens (an hour away from here!) that got like 6" that stuck. But here, almost none. And the schools were closed. It was a nice ride to work today... took me about 3 minutes. It was even more empty than the roads on weekdays in the summer!