Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring in Georgia

I've spent the last few weeks getting my deck in order and cleaned up a bit from the winter. Winter's here are relatively mild, but even with very little snow or anything, my deck needed an overhaul, including some deep-cleaning of the railings.

I also potted a bunch of plants - mostly herbs and a few vegetables (although I don't know how well the veggies will work in pots other than the tomatoes). I have a money tree, desert rose, lavender, basil, cilantro, sage, rosemary, oregano, strawberries, micro greens, carrots, tomatoes, and a few other tropical plants and flowers. Isn't my little wire plant stand cart cute? I got that at our great flea market last year.

There was a little surprise when I went to get my mail today. The mail boxes in my neighborhood are in the pool house area and when I looked through the gate I saw a woman looking at what I thought was a goose in the pool. We have lots of geese in the pond that is just down a little hill from the pool area (beyond the fence), but I was surprised to see one in the pool. As I got closer, I realized it was ducks! A mama and a bunch of babies. They were really cute, but I am wondering how they got in there, because the mother couldn't seem to get the babies out of there.

Stitches South Highlights

This past weekend was gorgeous here in Georgia... but I spent almost all of it inside at Stitches South. It was worth missing the sunny 90 degree days because of all the friends I had around me...

Amy & Laurie

Doug, Lou, and Sherrie

Wayne & Brittany (the Knit Witch)

my new friend Clara

Laurie, Sherrie, & Amy

Phyllis, Katey, & the Sanguine Gryphon

Brittany's family, our hosts at Scalini's

my new friend Fatimah

Sherrie, Katey, & Amy

Oh, and I did actually get some yarn too... mostly knit witch, miss babs, and some jaggerspun zephyr laceweight with a pattern for a gorgeous lace shawl.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Point

I am so sad to hear that The Point is closing on Wednesday. This was one of my favorite stores in Manhattan... and I am even more sad that I can't go to the sale since I am 1000 miles away!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


KnitBook: A good idea by Vogue Knitting, but it would cost a fortune to make a book with more than a few patterns.

I understand $5-6 per pattern because that's how much we pay for most PDF patterns. This is definitely not a bad price when you are paying by the pattern, but when we buy a whole book in the store, we are usually paying say $20-25 for a book with 15-20 patterns in it.

I understand it costs a lot to create a customized book (a lot more than volume printing by a publisher), but couldn't they have given some sort of discount if you are buying the patterns in volume? I don't expect the same rate as buying a book in a store, but you'd have to be crazy to pay $75-120 for a single book of patterns (leaving Alice Starmore out of this, of course).

I would probably be totally cool with this idea (love the spiral, lay-flat design, and probably would have even bought one eventually), if they cut the price in half or so... I don't know if they could even afford to run the business at say $45 for a 15 pattern, customized book, but since their current price is way out of my range (cause who's going to bother to make a book with only a few patterns in it), they just gave me the eventual goal of paring down my knitting mags by ripping out the good patterns and binding my own pages into a single book!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Days

Congratulations Dad & Anna!!!

Married March 29, 2009

With all the grandkids


My nephew John with Sarah

Sarah & her new hairdryer

My brother Dave & nephew Jake

Christine & daughter Braelin

Dad & Anna

The gang at Longfellows

I also recently got a chance to host a knit night at my house... here's a highlight:

Jennifer & Sherrie

And my brother David came to town for a trade show and we spent the evening having dinner at Ted's Montana Grill with people from his company.

me & Dave

ATL at sunset