Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Button Inheritance

A neighbor of a friend of my family recently passed away. Somehow from this, I inherited a bunch of crafty things, which I was really happy to receive. The stash of stuff included yarns: mostly acrylic but old school, nice, and in really good condition, as well as some great 100% virgin wool which I promptly washed and reskeined to get the musty smell out.

There was also a lot of sewing supplies with tons of elastic, ribbon, and thread... and buttons! So, in the process of sorting through the new buttons I got a chance to sort through and organize my own (which previously amounted to two large mason-size jars and is now an unknown amount... probably a whole third jar, but I can't tell because they are now in all different containers). Here are some of my favorites from my new collection as a whole:

some of my faves - see the bulldog one on the bottom?

some of the metal ones

awesome iridescent leaf buttons

cute little black braided ones

iridescent green buttons

antique pearl buttons

pink clear buttons

large shell-like bead

my very favorites - an alpaca (llama?), a bulldog, and a leaf

a close-up of the alpaca/llama button


Diane said...

Hi Ellen,
I just had to say the buttons are beautiful. I recently purchased a large tin of buttons for $1.00 at a local thrift store. The projects swimming around in my head makes me dizzy!
I enjoyed visiting your blog.

anunmaker said...

love them!

Jessica said...