Saturday, January 02, 2010

November & December

As usual, it's been a while since I've posted. I guess this is becoming a habit, even though I don't mean it to be. So, this is going to be another extended picture-heavy post because if my [very few] readers are anything like me, they skip most of the text when they read blogs anyway.

Early in November, I got a chance to take a trip up to Helen, GA, which I had heard a few things about. I pictured it to be similar to Leavenworth, WA, where I visited during my trip across the country in summer 2001. I was mostly right, except for the sort of Lake George feel to it. Sort of a mixture of Bavarian and tacky.

Helen shops

restaurant on the Chattahoochee River


The next night, I went with my friends to a Thrashers game, where we had box seats. They won!


Jennifer & Jim

In mid-November I ventured up to Tallulah Gorge for a hike.

Tallulah Falls


suspension bridge

I spent Thanksgiving with my friends Laurie and Jennifer. We spent the day eating, watching movies, and knitting... pretty much the same thing I did last year, which I was ecstatic about.


brunch with the girls

For Christmas, I made it home to NY where I got together with my family and friends. I saw MaryEllen (a fellow knitter) and her husband, Mike, for breakfast one morning to catch up. She gave me some Fleece Artist fiber, which reminded me that I've been wanting to start spinning again (which I did when I got home - more on that in another post). I also saw Renee and her family. We got to catch up for a few hours which was awesome. She and her son made me homemade soap(!) which I love. I completely neglected to take any pictures of these visits - even of the kids!

I went to Stacey's house for a little get-together with Stacey and her fiance, Matt, Alysia, Jen and her girlfriend, Amber, and a couple of new people. Of course, Stacey's new baby, Landon was there also and was so good considering the amount of noise in the house at all hours.

Matt, Stacey, baby Landon

Jen & Alysia dancing

Jen & Alysia

Jen & Stacey

Can you tell Jen loves to hug???

Jen & Amber

Happy Holidays!


LuvEwe said...

Ellen - I just finished reading a book about Leavenworth, Wa. Actually, one of the characters lived there. And it does remind me of Helen. Ga.

Knit Witch said...

Great pics!!!