Sunday, March 28, 2010

Singapore: Chinatown

I was recently asked to attend a meeting in Singapore for work. I'd never been overseas to either Europe or Asia, so I jumped at the chance to go and see a different part of the world. I was there for about 6 full days (with a very brief detour to Malaysia). While I had a good bit of business to attend to, I was also glad to have some free time to explore. For the next few days I will be posting pictures from different aspects of this trip.

The very first day I got there, I ended up getting a pretty bad cold, but I didn't want to stay in the hotel the whole day so I decided to go over to Chinatown and walk around. One of the main things that brought me there was the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I had seen it in my guidebook and it sounded like a really interesting place.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple



As I was arriving at the temple, there was a ceremony going on. The main room was filled with people, both praying and observing. The room was very large and two stories high (with a mezzanine level above). There were flowers everywhere, decorations hanging from the ceiling, large statues of Buddha at the front, and as you can see from the pictures, it was extremely colorful. There was also a lot of food to buy as offerings, as well as candles and incense.




There were several more floors above this main room that included various more ceremony rooms, a Buddhism library, a museum about the life of Buddha, a tea room and shop, and apparently a garden on the roof, but since it was pouring rain, I didn't get to see that.

dragon drawing

guardian lions

In the Buddha museum, there were obviously many different depictions of Buddha. Here's some of the more interesting ones...

my favorite Buddha statue

After leaving the temple, I explored the rest of Chinatown and found an area with many different shops selling mostly tourist souvenirs. It was an interesting area but not too much different than the various Chinatown areas in US cities.

I also went to another area of Chinatown on another day when I was looking for a yarn shop (of which I found only one the entire trip). I loved how pretty this street was with its amazing flowers and trees (some of which were silk on closer inspection!) and pretty bridge.

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Really great pics, E. I also think that the bridge on the top of the hotel looks like a boat :)