Sunday, March 28, 2010

Singapore: One Fullerton

My second day in Singapore was a very long day, but while I was with my colleagues the entire day, we had a fun evening after our day time meeting. We went over to One Fullerton which is an area by the water with many restaurants. Across the water, there was a new hotel being built that is composed of three towers connected at the top by something which to me (and it seems it's only me) looks like a boat.

This was also the area where the Singapore Flyer could be seen. This is basically a huge ferris wheel (I believe the largest in the world), which is beautifully lit at night. There is also some sort of sphere being built - I am not sure what this will be when complete.

Singapore is a large city with many different areas, but I would equate the One Fullerton area as being part of "downtown". I believe downtown is actually considered a much larger area, but this is the area with all the large skyscrapers.

Singapore's most famous symbol seems to be the Merlion. My understanding is that there are 5 of them in Singapore, this one being the original and the second largest. Apparently it is meant to represent the fishing industry that no longer exists in Singapore and the lion that Raffles saw when he first founded Singapore (which means Lion City). The Merlion is shown on most souvenirs as a symbol of Singapore, including cookies, chocolates, etc., shaped like the statue.


The Fullerton Hotel

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