Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Singapore: Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

My fourth evening in Singapore was spent in Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. I was told that the food was better in the first and the second was better for drinking. Boat Quay is definitely far more run down than Clarke Quay and is basically a strip of restaurants and bars with people every where and huge crabs in coolers on the sidewalks. It also happened to be St. Patrick's Day, so at one end of the street, there were bartenders, waitresses, and even many customers dressed up in green, shamrocks, and big hats. Until I saw how diverse Singapore is, I never would have guessed they would celebrate such a holiday. I had some wonderful Thai food right on the river here with amazing lime soda.

Boat Quay -the river is just on the other side of the tents on the left

the more Irish end of the street

I also walked past the hoopla and over by the water to see some more of the sites.

river boats at Raffles landing site

river boat in front of Fullerton (with hotel construction behind it)

a group of people exercising on the steps after work

cool bird statue

Raffles statue from afar

riverboat under bridge

Clarke Quay is very modern and brightly colored. It also has tons of restaurants, cafes, bar, a few shops, and a very modern mall across the way. I mainly walked around, looked at the few shops they had, and watched drunk people. I also took a cruise down the river once it got dark over to the MerLion I've mentioned before.

Clarke Quay

Hippo boat tour in front of Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay at dusk

bridge on river at night

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