Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Quilt for Honey

I made a quilt for Honey a few weeks back, mainly just for practice and to give her a new toy. I made it with scraps of fabric that I had around and some binding I had in my stash. I also sewed in a couple ribbons and a toy mouse (by the tail). The quilt is layered like this: back fabric piece, light weight batting, sprinkled cat nip, a couple sheets of tissue paper, and the sewn squares. I then quilted it randomly (and not at all evenly - some parts are puckered), and then added the binding. With the tissue paper, it's a nice scrunchy toy with the added attraction of cat nip. She seems to love it and both plays with it (scrunch it up and play with the ribbons and mouse), and naps on it.

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