Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Since May

Since my last post, some tough things have happened in my life, but I won't go into it right now. It's just my excuse for not posting in so long. I've collected a bunch of random photos to eventually post, though, so here they are...

Buckhead at night

Mary Heather, me, and Jess at the Ravelry party

Honey in a sunny window

You know you live in the south when... (and yes, this is a real magazine)

I thought these were spiders at first... not so much...

my birthday flowers from mom

mom in a Bermuda phone booth

a chicken at Snorkel Beach, Bermuda

Driftwood at Snorkel Beach, Bermuda

big party in Enchantment of the Seas atrium

more partying

the great group of people we dined with every night on the cruise