Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 Resolutions

2010 has been one of the most stressful, sad, and in some small ways, even happy, years of my life. I lost three really important people to me this year. All three were close family members, including my father who passed away unexpectedly. I also attended three weddings this year, traveled quite a bit, and completed none of the resolutions I made last January.

I began the year saying that my goals for 2009 had been too lofty. Well, apparently, and probably due to the amount of stress and travel this year, my 2010 goals were also a bit out of reach.

This year, I really want to continue some of the things I finished last year including:
  • lose weight
  • take yoga
  • sew more
  • cook more
A couple of specific goals I hope to achieve:
So, I think my resolutions are more general and mostly attainable. I am not expecting to completely finish any of the more specific goals, except I'll try my best to at least finish the ornament kit. We'll see how this year goes. Maybe next year my goals can be a bit loftier.

Meanwhile, since I haven't posted much lately, including a post that I started back in the beginning of November, I hope to post a few updates. I still have the next couple days off from work, so hopefully I can achieve at least this much.

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