Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Web Site

I have had a web site since 1996 when we were asked to hand-code a web page in my freshman year of college. I have had my own domain name for years (I can't even remember for how long - probably since some point during college). Now, I am thinking of deleting the majority of the content of my site and having the main page re-route to my blog (where I pretty much post everything anyway). In preparation for this, I am going to probably re-organize my blog, and also probably add some "pages" that blogger has added functionality for (for my resume, for example). I will also post a couple things from my current web site that don't necessarily warrant their own pages. I might even find a new place to host my pictures and move everything there (and then of course I will fix all the links). Since I lost a lot of my images from my drive a while back, this might be a tedious process. Hmmm... another idea I have is I might post a history of the design of my site. I should note this will not be a very long history given that the design on my site hasn't changed since 2004. Anyway, in my next post, I will start by posting the quotes that I have been collecting on my site for years...

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