Sunday, January 02, 2011


I took a very short trip to Phoenix a few weekends ago. I first went to the Desert Botanical Garden, which was gorgeous. I would have gone to Lumineria that night but it was sold out. Based on what I saw during the day, an evening exhibit with candles everywhere would have been beautiful.

Next I went to Tempe Yarn & Fiber. It was in the area of ASU - I actually drove by Sun Devil's Stadium to get there. This is a great little shop, filled with younger knitters (probably since the college was right there) and lots of different unique yarns and other items. This shop actually had offered a Groupon a few weeks prior to me being there, which I thought was very cool.

After that I went to Frances Vintage which I had found online and looked like a cute shop. It far exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, I got there only about a half hour before closing and I could have spent about another hour there. They had tons of vintage ornaments (which I meant to pick up before I left and I completely forgot because I was rushing), both glass and some cool handmade ones. There was also other vintage items, but also new ones. Many of them were sort of on the crafty/indie side, so it was right up my alley. I hope to get back there some day when I have more time.

On the recommendation of the girls at Frances Vintage, I went to Chelsea's Kitchen for dinner. The food there was really good and contrary to the casual nature of the word 'kitchen', it was a pretty upscale place. The atmosphere was great, both inside and outside. It was so warm (in mid-December) that they had the back open to the patio which was filled with white lights.

Finally, since I had just a couple hours before my flight, I went over to the Civic Space Park to see the huge string artwork there.

Right before I went to the airport, I went over to the Zoo because they had a Zoo Lights thing going on there, and being right near the airport, I thought I could just go in long enough to go in the gift shop and leave. When I got there, about 45 minutes before they closed, the place was packed with people still trying to get in! There were all ages and it seemed like a pretty big deal, so I wished I had gone early enough to look at the animals (and will definitely go if I ever get to Phoenix in December again). Anyway, I did get in to the gift shop long enough to find some great Christmas gifts for some of the kids in my life.

That was about it! I had a quick 8 hours or so to myself in Phoenix and had a great time. I hope to go again some day. Winter definitely seems like a great time to be there because even at night, it was like 70 degrees or something.

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