Ellen A. Day

My objective is to use my technical and leadership skills to lead a team whose expertise is color science and imaging.

Job Experience
Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (formerly CIBA VISION Corporation)                        Johns Creek, GA
April 2008 - present
Senior Color Scientist
*       Participate in new product R&D projects using my expertise in color science
o   Complete color-related projects necessary for developing and controlling product materials and creating manufacturing specifications, including the creation of color tolerances for inks and pastes
o   Manage color measurement processes, including training, recommending and implementing new technology, and data analysis
*       Serve as a technical contact for color science, color contact lens pattern design, inks and printing, and imaging-related tasks for colleagues
*       Led a project team with the goal of gathering innovative ideas across the company, as well as participating in a cross-business unit team with the same purpose for the whole of Novartis (our parent company)
*       Participate as a core team member/sub-team leader for an Asian-based color contact lens product
*       Use macro-photography techniques to photograph products on-eye for documentation of clinical trials

Pantone, Inc.                                                                                                                Carlstadt, NJ
May 2003 – December 2004; May 2005 – January 2008
Color Scientist & Technical Program Coordinator
*       Technical lead for Printer Licensing and ColorVANTAGE ink programs
o   Printer Licensing: handled all aspects of process from the time the contract comes in through delivery
§  Built color look-up tables for various printer types of all major printer manufacturers
§  Performed various analyses, including colorimetric and consistency tests, of laser and inkjet printers and reported back to their manufacturers with my findings
o   Handled all technical aspects of ink program, such as profiling, research, testing, and technical support
*       Served as group leader/auditor for internal ISO organization
*       Performed basic research for new product development
*       Performed visual/colorimetric analysis of various licensed materials (i.e. vinyl, paint, powder-coated metal)

Sun Chemical Corporation                                                                                       Carlstadt, NJ
December 2004 – May 2005
Color Scientist
*       Extensive creation and testing of ICC profiles for presses, printers, scanners, and monitors
*       Mixed ink in laboratory setting; created draw downs for color analysis of inks
*       Responsible for profiling/calibration of spectrophotometers and monthly instrument testing, including long and short term drift tests, as well as testing for wavelength and reflectance shifts

Hewlett Packard Company                                                                                        Vancouver, WA
June 2001 – August 2001 (internship)
Image Scientist
*       Worked for Image Science Team that was responsible for psychophysical analysis of images
*       Redesigned sections of internal website and image database
*       Analyzed a large set of images for internal research on defining image characteristics

Key Systems, Inc.                                                                                                          Victor, NY
March 2000 – November 2000 (part-time); November 1998- March 1999 (co-op)
Web Designer, Photographer, Literature Designer
*       Responsible for design, layout, and management of the company web site, including graphic design
*       Set up shopping cart system on web site
*       Photographed company products using various camera formats
*       Designed literature including page layout, as well as scanning and editing images

Visual Horizons                                                                                                             Rochester, NY
June 1999- November 1999 (co-op)
Graphic Designer
*       Designed custom slide presentations
*       Involved in designing company catalog
*       Assisted in designing and image editing for CD-ROM products

College of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology                                        Rochester, NY
December 1996 – November 2000
Web Designer, Assistant Secretary
*       Design, layout, and management of the web sites for various Allied Health Sciences departments
*       Assisted department secretary, typing/data entry, letter writing, fax/print/copy, phone lines

2000-2003                                 Rochester Institute of Technology                           Rochester, NY
Master of Science Degree, 2003 | Color Science | Center for Imaging Science | GPA 3.6 on 4.0 scale
Thesis Topic: The Effects of Multi-channel Visible Spectrum Imaging on Perceived Spatial Image Quality and Color Reproduction Accuracy (see brief description below)

1996-2000                                  Rochester Institute of Technology                           Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science Degree, 2000 | Imaging & Photographic Technology | College of Imaging Arts & Sciences

Leadership & Management Skills
*       Project plan development & coordination
*       Identifying/securing resources
*       Project risk management
*       Drive tasks to meet milestone commitments
*       Mentor colleagues/direct reports
*       Work on cross-functional, cross-business unit, and cross-cultural teams
*       Communicate via written technical reports and memos, as well as oral presentations
*       Participate in and lead meetings

Computer Skills
*     Expertise In: Microsoft Office (especially Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Lotus Notes, MATLAB, color measurement and profiling software from various vendors (X-Rite, Datacolor, etc.)
*     Familiar With: Adobe Dreamweaver, EFI ColorProof XF, Minitab, Systat, SAS Statistical Software, Solver (within Excel), Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Access, SciLab, IDL, Sharepoint

*       Fundamentals of Project Management, Praxis Management International LLC, September 2012
*       Workshop on Materials Characterization, Perkin Elmer, April 2012
*       The Art of Delegation, Intellisoft Training Solutions, February 2012
*       EFI Advanced Color Management End-User Course, Chromaticity, Inc., September 2007
*       Color in Electronic Displays, CIC short course, November 2005
*       ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor Training, September 2005
*       Color Without Limits Complete Color Management Seminar given by the Graphic Intelligence Agency (a GretagMacbeth Company), July 2005
*       System Interactions in Digital Color Imaging, IS&T/SID’s 13th Annual Color Imaging Conference, November 2005
*       Color in Electronic Displays, IS&T/SID’s 13th Annual Color Imaging Conference, November 2005

Related Courses
*       Applied Colorimetry
*       Color Measurement Lab I, II
*       Color Appearance
*       Tone & Color Reproduction
*       Color Print/Theory
*       Color Measurement
*       Color Modeling
*       Color Science Seminar
*       Color Perception & Measurement
*       College Physics I, II, & III
*       Photographic Optics
*       Matrix Algebra
*       Psychology of Perception
*       Vision & Psychophysics
*       Regression Analysis I
*       Multivariate Statistics for Imaging Scientists
*       Graphic Reproduction Theory
*       Ink, Color & Substrates
*       Computing for Imaging Scientists

Special Skills
*       Color management, including creation, application, and testing of profiles for input and output devices
*       Photographic/Digital Printing
*       Light booths/light sources/illuminants
*       Spectrophotometers/Colorimeters
*       Radiometers/ Densitometers
*       Gloss meters
*       Halftone analyzer/dot meter
*       Perfect color vision (Ishihara Test)
*       Superior Color Discrimination (Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue Test)

*       Company representative for the International Color Consortium for both Pantone & Sun Chemical

Imaging Science & Technology PICS Conference                                      Rochester, NY
May 2003
*       I presented a portion of my thesis work at the 2003 PICS Conference (see reference #6 below).
National Gallery of Art                                                                                      Washington, DC
December 2002
*       I spent several days working in the conservation area to reproduce various original works of art, including a Matisse, along with a small team of people from the multispectral imaging group at RIT (see reference #8 below).

Brief Synopsis of MS Graduate Thesis
A paired comparison psychophysical experiment was performed to evaluate the quality of several imaging techniques. Images rendered for an LCD were compared with two- and three-dimensional objects viewed in a multisource light booth. The test images were a combination of different spectral capture and image reconstruction techniques estimating spectral reflectance factor transformed into colorimetric images by imposing an illuminant and observer, in this case simulated daylight (6800K) and incandescent (2700K) for the 1931 CIE observer. To compare the color accuracy with conventional RGB imaging, color-managed images from a typical consumer camera were included in the experiment. All image types captured using the research-grade camera performed very well, regardless of the illuminant, number of channels, or transformation method. A set of colorimetric images captured using previously optimized filters performed as well as the multispectral images. The commercial-grade images proved to be inferior to those created with the research-grade system, as expected.

Patent Application
1.      R Tucker, Day EA, Corti S, Schmieder R, Creech, L, Colored Contact Lenses and Method for Making the Same, United States Patent Application Publication, US 2012/0026459 A1, 02 Feb 2012.

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